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More Than Honey

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More than honey

The movie takes a good look at bee colonies in the USA, Australia, Switzerland and China. Throughout the movie, its creator Markus Imhoof repeats Einstein’s saying:“When the bee population dies out, humans will die out 4 years later.“ Seems ridiculous and phony, but when you take a moment to think about the fact that one third of our food is pollinated by bees, you start to think differently. One third may be pollinated by bees, but at least another third relies on the pollination of honeybees. Yet the bee colonies are starting to disappear. The movie tries to explain why and how while showing how they are being treated in different environments.
The movie describes brilliantly how the bees live: how they work together in their hive from the moment they are born. They remain loyal to their family no matter what and work to create a queen and keep the colony running like clockwork. The movie shows the many reasons that together make the lethal combination for the bees: toxins, transportation and diseases. To say honestly, it is heartbreaking, even for the viewer, to see a beekeeper open a hive and see thousands of little dead bodies on the ground with no particular reason. I guess that is what the movie relies on - the compassion and heart of the viewer.
In China, once Mao Zedung told to kill all the sparrow because they eat the seeds on the crops. As a result there were so many insects that they had to start destroying them too. Due to that in some districts, bees have died out. The filmmakers showed one district in China where they sell pollen and people hand-pollinate their plants. The time difference between humans and bees is significant and you could clearly tell that it is not a sustainable way of life.
In USA hundreds of bee colonies are kept in a frequently travelling bee farm. Because the farm travels in large distances for a long...

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