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Use this cheat sheet of speed tips and mental cues for instant speed gains


faster athlete is a better athlete, but sprinting with perfect form can take years to master. The right coaching cue can instantly fix running form problems and will immediately make you faster. Check out these speed hacks that will unlock your inner-speed.



Chew On Some Gum
Tip: Running with gum in your mouth will prevent you from tensing your jaw and will keep you more relaxed.


Pinch Your Pennies
Tip: Pinching a penny between your thumb and the base of your index finger keeps your hands more relaxed for better arm drive.

Benefit: By reducing tension in your jaw you’ll also loosen up your upper-body so you have a more fluid arm swing, stronger leg drive and greater speed.

Benefit: Reducing tension in your arms and upper body will give you a smoother arm swing, which will improve your form and overall speed.



Downward Gaze
Tip: Focus your eyes on the ground just a few feet in front of you.
Benefit: This helps you stay low during your start to propel your body forward and not up. That produces more explosive and efficient acceleration to help you reach top speed faster.
Break Some Wind
Tip: Imagine you have to run through a 100 mph wind when accelerating. If you stand straight up the wind will blow you back. Get a good forward lean to cut through the wind.
Benefit: By having the proper forward body lean you’ll accelerate faster to break away from an opponent or to run them down when on defense.
Punch the Ground
Tip: Imagine you’re punching the ground with your feet. Focus the punch on the ground behind you so each punch propels you forward.
Benefit: Creates powerful sprinting, as it ensures you are creating force into the ground that propels you forward and prevents you from over-striding. WHEN AT TOP END SPEED…


Make Your Feet, Claws
Tip: When you’re at top speed focus on
“clawing” the ground with the toes of your lead foot.


A Distant Gaze
Tip: Visualize running 10 yards past your target to ensure you run through the finish line or target.

Benefit: Your top speed will be even faster when your strides are long and powerful as you rip the ground back beneath you with each step.

Benefit: You typically run to where you look and will start slowing down as you approach. By looking past your target you ensure you’ll run full speed through that point, without letting up early.



Brace For Impact
Tip: Imagine you’re about to get punched in the gut. This should engage and tighten your core.


Pump Your Arms, Not Your Legs
Tip: Focus on pumping your arms as fast as you possibly can, rather than focusing on your legs.

Benefit: By properly engaging your core you won’t lose energy through your middle. Instead, you will be able to transfer the force from your arm drive through your core to your legs and into the ground to propel you faster.

Benefit: By focusing on pumping your arms faster, you legs will turn over faster; frequent strides means faster speed

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