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War brings out the worst and the best in people. Whiter Morris Gleitzman through his novel Once (2005) explores the aspects of life in Poland during WW2. The protagonist Felix Salinger invites the reader on a journey of discovery of significant ideas in life such as determination, the importance of books and how unfair the treatment was towards the Jews. Through the use of point of view, setting and plot these crucial themes are explored.
G uses POV to convey these signif themes of determination and an attute of never giving up. Because the novel is !st person POV the reader feels connected with Felix therefore we can see how he has a attitude of never giving up and determination. An example of this is the determination Felix shows to keep on going no matter what “part of me wants to run away, another part wants me to move on.” It is through POV that we can see what Felix is feeling. G has highlighted the importance of determination and will power.
Another narrative convention is Symbolism used the show the theme heroism and the imp of books. An ex of this is the knowledge that Felix absorbs from books “I couldn’t read any of the words in dads big book about 2000 years of Jewish history” Felix took his favourite author as his hero instead of Adolf Hittler after he discovered that Hittler was a trrible man . “ thankyou God, pope, jesus, the virgin Mary and Richimal”. G has used narr conv Symbolism to highlight the importance of books.
The final conv is Plot to convey the significant theme of unfairness. Through the mistreatment of Jews throughtout the Plot the reader is able to connect with Felix and all surpressed people like him. The entire story is based around the mistreatment of Jews as the prisoners including Felix are pushed onto trains Felix sais “through the tangle of people I see Barnie”. The use of the of the word tangle be believe that the jews were…...