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Mortuary Science

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Mortuary Science is the study of deceased bodies through mortuary work. Most people who study it usually become morticians or funeral directors. It teaches students everything about funerals business. Death is not about dreadful and horrifying aspects; it’s very important for the living and the deceased. Every human being at some point in time has to cope with death because death is unavoidable. Funeral homes take care of the remains and assist the families of the deceased. It’s very important to the grieving family to have proper closure their love one. They help the family and friends work through a terrible situation by consoling and comforting loved ones as they work to lay the deceased to rest. It’s also a time to remember and celebrate …show more content…
Funeral homes take care of the remains and assist the families of the deceased. Funerals homes are defined as the place where the ceremonies such as a viewing where people come to view the remains of the deceased or the funeral which is held in the chapel of the funeral home. In most states funeral are usually held at churches that the deceased is a member of. However, funeral homes remain a necessity in society, though employment growth until 2014 is expected to increase at a slower rate compared to other occupations. Degree requirements differ cy school and by states. College degrees in mortuary science can usually be earned in two to four years. Some community and junior colleges offer two year while universities can offer both two and four year programs. The curriculum typically includes courses in anatomy, physiology,

pathology, embalming techniques, restorative art, and business management. More than thirty states have schools that offer mortuary science programs. For example, Illinois, Mississippi, New York and Texas all
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Funeral homes usually have staff available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They help families and friends work through this terrible situation by consoling and comforting loved ones as they work to lay the deceased to rest. It’s very important to the grieving family to have proper closure for their loved one. There are two main methods of burial traditional and cremation. A traditional burial consists of embalming, then laying the person to rest in the ground in his or her casket and vault. A cremation requires no embalming because the body is actually burned and the ashes of the person are what are left as a byproduct. Embalming is necessary if the family wants a public visitation before the actual cremation of the body. Immediately after death, a body has to be released from the hospitals or family care and signed over to the funeral home. For this to happen a death certificate has to be signed by either the doctor or medical examiner at he hospital and the funeral director. This ensures that the body has been released and is in protective care of the funeral home. The next step in getting a body ready for burial or visitation is what is called the embalming is the process where the body is

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