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Visit to South Bay Islamic Association (Evergreen Location)

I visited the Evergreen location of SBIA (South Bay Islamic Association) on a Friday for the Jummah prayers which starts at 1:20. This location is associated with the downtown location. It looks like a newer location and there are plans to expand to a larger mosque. I decided on this location because I was already around the area. According to their website they offer five daily prayers, Jummah prayers, and monthly community events. There are monthly events that anyone can attend including homeless feedings.

When I first walked in, I didn’t know what to expect. The building is really new and was not completed yet. I removed my shoes like everyone else and a man at the front greeted me right away because he could tell I was a visitor and he described the prayer and activities that would happen that Friday. Robes and scarves are available for people that aren’t already dressed accordingly. I was told that my arms were required to be covered because I was wearing only a t-shirt. The man offered a robe to me, but I decided to retrieve a sweater from my car.

When the prayer started around 1:30, I stayed in the back of the room and observed what was happening. There were Qur’ans placed everywhere and pillows on the ground. People paid little attention to me. People were chanting words I couldn’t understand. I noticed that everyone in the room was very spiritually uplifted. After the prayer I stayed for a few more minutes and observed the location and the people. A friendly man came up to me and asked if I was new, and I told him that I was just a visitor. Once I finished, I stepped out with my left foot and exited.

Overall, my experience visiting a mosque was positive. The people were warm and friendly and gave me all the information I needed to know in a...

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