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CRLA Journal 3
Today I am going to write on an issue that is popping up in most of the sessions. From my one month experience I have observed and felt that most of the students come with large number of questions in 25 minute appointment. It becomes really difficult for me to go through all the questions all at once from different areas. Sometimes they did not even get the concept and try to jump onto another without practising it or answering my few questions. It’s like they are in hurry because of the shortage of time and just wants to know little bit about every problem and get over it. Another thing is sometimes students they just don’t stop asking questions when the 25 minutes get over even after telling them in a polite manner that I have another appointment just after that or our time is up. My recommendation to students is always to book another 25 minute appointment and not to get confused between the topics by just running over and mugging them up as that will not help them in any way, because they will forget soon. Some of the students they just don’t listen and always try to ask questions in a tricky way which may help them in figuring out the answer. In spite of the fact, that I have told them that we are not allowed to give you answers as it’s not in our policy. I would like to ask you if you can tell me some techniques to handle this kind of problems which can help me as well as the...

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