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Today’s families problems did not exist when our grandparents were children. When they where children a normal family was a working dad, a mom who works at home and three or maybe four children going to school without any trouble, this does not exist any more. Today both parents are working and the children almost do what they want to. They are much more demanding and wanting a lot of attention just like in this story. Everything’s look so pretty on the outside, but if you look inside every family, you can’t find one perfect.

In the story we hear about the little sister Michelle, the two parents and the narrator.
Michelle is 8 years old when the family finds out that she is stealing. It is of course a big chock for them.

My impression of the father is that he is not god to handle the situation with his stealing daughter. He is yelling at her and he hits her bottom in public.
My first impression of him was okay because when he picks up Michelle at her friend Allison’s house the narrator says that he does not do that very often. The father is maybe afraid to talk to other parents he is used to sit in his chair at home and watching television without doing anything. The father is a very proud man, the way he handle the situation with his daughter, when he make her apologies shows how embarrassed he is by his youngest daughter. He don’t want to be the man with the stealing daughter that people are afraid to let into their houses in the fear that she would steal something. He doesn’t want to talk about it he just want action.
(P1, L 23) ‘’I don’t understand, we’ve always given you pocket money’’ in that sentence it shows that he thinks it is enough to stop children doing stupid things by given them money but it isn’t that easy.

Michelle steals to attract her father in the hope that he would notice her. Her behavior shows that the fighting between...

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