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Motivation in Business

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To understand how motivation works in business first we must understand what role it plays in our life. Motivation is the cause of making something what depends on our goals and disers. It compels us to move forward and to achieve new levels. The specificity of motivation is that it is different foreach of us and it is really hard to identify. Motivation in business it is a correct selection of benefits that stimulate employees. Many consider that money is the basic thing to motivate people. Of course material motivation increases production of efficiency but unfortunately it cannot create an emotional impulse which we called inspiration. Choosing a right motivation for employees- is the primary goal of manager. Each qualified manager familiarize with the goal-setting theory. Goal-setting theory "focuses on identifying the types of goals that are most effective in producing high levels of motivation and performance and explaining why goals have these effects." Due to this manager must follow some rules.
Goals must be specific. The goals have to be quantitative. For example, a salesperson can have a goal to sell goods for $1,000 per day, scientists goal can be to finish a project in a year.It will help the employee to understand the task clearly and you will get the expected result. According to goal-setting theory, both easy and moderate goals have less motivational effect than difficult goals. So manager may not be afraid of putting a difficult task, the main point is that they must be feasible. Also theory suggests to use action plans. It helps people to stop to sidetrack. And another point which is an important factor not only in the work it is feedback.. Feedback provides a worker with clear and direct information about how well he or she has performed the job. It is important to show that their work was estimated. And the last but not the list it is...

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