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Motivation work sheet


Complete the following matrix. When presenting real world examples, do not use the examples listed in the text.

|Theories of Motivation |
|Theory Type |Key components of the theory |Real world example |Similarities and Differences |
|Instinct Theories |Programmed behaviors |A baby crying when hungry |Similar to the drive theory because the baby is hungry so |
| | | |it is driven to cry. Different because the baby was |
| | | |programed to perform this panic like reaction. |
|Evolutionary Theories |Behaviors humans have performed over our |Our ancestors wore clothing that we today still |Similar to arousal because we enjoy wearing the things we |
| |existence no matter the culture |like to wear. |want to wear. Different because over time we choose to wear|
| | | |them because our ancestors enjoyed wearing them. |
|Drive Theories |Our physiology telling us what our bodies need |Felling like you need to you the restroom, so you|Similar to Hierarchical theory because using the restroom |
| |to want |use the rest room |is a basic need. Different because the drive theory suggest|
| | | |these are wants not just needs. |
|Arousal Theories |Maintain levels of excitement |Wanting to go on a blind date for fun |Similar to hierarchical theories because we want to reach |
| | | |sense of fulfillment in both cases. Different because the |
| | | |arousal theory wants us to feel excited to seek fulfillment|
|Incentive Theories |The idea that the work is worth the reward |Continuing to work to receive a paycheck, |Similar to drive theory because the incentive gives us |
| | | |drive. Different because incentive have the reward. |
|Hierarchical Theories |Meeting basic needs and emotional needs to |Eating healthy to feel confident and loved my |Hierarchal theory relates to all of the theory’s suggesting|
| |reach fulfillment |others and becoming the best person you can be |that we must met all different kinds of needs to be |
| | | |fulfilled |

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