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Investigating Woolworths Management Strategies to Improve Employee Motivation
Provide a brief overview of your project?
This project report will investigate a research problem in Woolworths which is staff moral, motivation and job satisfaction. The report will analyse the situation and determine the most effective way to solve the problem for the company.
Employees are the main element in any organisation and it is crucial for a business’s success to understand what drives employees to work effectively and learn the best ways to manage them. This proposal will investigate the most effective way to motive employees to work at the best of their ability in the work environment of Woolworths. Currently the organisational culture creates low motivation and job satisfaction within the workplace with many employees having low morale. The proposal will analyse different methods of motivation, management techniques and ways to boost morale in the work place to ensure increased job satisfaction which will lead to increased productivity.
To determine the current culture and feelings within the working environment, primary research will be undertaken using a self-administered survey to obtain quantitative data. These surveys will assess motivation of staff and current job satisfaction.
Intensive research into motivation will be conducted to determine the most effective way to solve this problem. Theories and recommendations to improve motivation will be adapted to meet the needs of the current…...