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Motivational Analysis

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Motivational Analysis in the Workplace
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Motivational Analysis in the Workplace Motivation in the workplace has many advantages. Motivation enables managers to encourage workers and employees to attain goals required for organizational missions. Motivation theories have evolved in the past 100 years. Motivation theorist such as Descartes, Darwin, and Hull had many ideas regarding what drives motivation. “When stumped trying to explain why people do what they do, we can turn to theories of motivation…” (Reeves, p. 5, 2001). The goal-setting theory shaped by Edwin Locke explains how organizational goals are used in the workplace to inspire motivation. Two workplace scenarios will be described. The goal-setting theory will be applied to both scenarios. Managers and leaders need to encourage the attainment of workplace goals. “Motive is a general term that identifies the common ground shared by needs, cognitions, and emotions…” (Reeves, p. 7, 2001). When managers cannot motivate employees effectively the environment and the employee suffer. Job satisfaction drops and the employee will no longer value his or her job. When this happens productivity will suffer. Setting goals does not always produce goal attainment. Locke’s theory does have drawbacks. The employee may not value the goal or may not be given enough positive reinforcement to retain his or her goals. Locke’s goal-setting theory states goals should be set to encourage motivation. In his theory a primary goal should be set. The goal should focus on the individual. “Locke’s composite theory of job satisfaction is the product of many other concepts which he has developed through study and research on related topics such as goal-setting and employee performance” (Meyers and Tietjen, para 11, 1998). While the individual is...

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