Motivational Methods

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Motivational Methods
Stephanie Heydon
Axia College of University of Phoenix
Health Care Management
Susan McQuade
March 28, 2011

Motivational Methods
Motivation is the key element in a workplace and it is extremely important to know the theories, methods, and applications associated with motivation. Motivation is a necessary skill for future managers and leaders as it is used to motivate employees to work more efficiently. Researching the different motivation methods has brought the realization of just how important motivation is in the workplace.
For most managers, motivating their employees is a key issue. In today’s work force, managers are inclined to pay special attention to their employees. They also pay attention to motivates them to perform at a higher level. Not every individual works in the same manner or needs the same motivation. This paper will look at the different characteristics of professional workers and lower-level contingent workers. Also addressed in this paper will be the different motivational approaches that are used by managers today towards these two groups. Finally, by applying a set of motivational theories, this paper will attempt to explain why managers should apply different methods to each of these groups.
There are many questions facing managers about motivation; questions such as how does motivation work, when to apply motivation, and whom to apply motivation techniques to. Motivation reflects how innovative and productive jobs are achieved within work organizations. Because motivation influences productivity, supervisors need to understand what motivates employees to reach their peak performance.
Motivation is the driving force which causes an individual to achieve their goals. Motivation is a set of values that predispose an individual to act in a certain manner in order to reach a desired outcome. These…...