Motivational Methods

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Motivational Methods
July 28, 2011

Motivational Methods
Motivation can be defined in several ways. Motivation is an internal energy which helps a person accomplishes a goal. It is the key factor of an organization. In order for an organization to achieve a higher level of productivity, managers play an essential role to his or her employee’s motivation. The three motivational methods that can be used within an organization are: equity theory, expectancy theory, and goal setting. Within any organization different employees need to have different motivational methods. Employee motivational methods can be either positive or negative. Most theories of employee motivation are rewarding employees that meet the standards to set new goals for achievement.
In today’s society motivation starts with management and is the key job for management. If a manager of an organization is not motivated that attitude can spread to his or her employees. Managers of an organization have a challenge when it comes to motivating people. “Motivation encompasses the psychological forces within a person that determine the direction of the person’s behavior in an organization, the person’s level of effort, and the person’s level of persistence in the face of obstacles” (Consador, 1999). An organization must make use of all assets including, the members of its staff. Therefore, managers need to make sure his or her employees are motivated, and that he or she has a positive mind set so that he or she can do the best work to increase productivity and profits within an organization.
Most employees will suffer insecurity in his or her career at some point. Managers can avoid insecurity by offering encouragement and feedback to his or her employees. Managers can motivate employees by setting difficult and realistic targets, which can be beneficial to the employees. When an employee…...