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Motivational Strategies Affecting Productivity

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Motivational Strategies Affecting Productivity
PSY/320 Human Motivation
Professor Sue Gannett
Jan Bryan

Motivational Strategies Affecting Productivity Page 2 A person’s inner motivation is what drives a person into waking up every single morning and look forward to another brighter day. It is almost impossible for one to declare that they are not motivated because, motivation does not in reality, depend on the achievements. However, productivity can mostly be attributed to the fact that motivation has played a major role in ensuring that there is increased performance. The very fact that one has chosen to wake up from bed and do something, is enough motivation. The only difference is that there are different levels of motivation. Some have high motivation to do what they are willing and able to do, while others have the motivation is to do as much as the minimum requirements. One way to have productive employees is to make sure your employees have everything they need to perform their work. This includes all supplies required, from what some might seem unimportant items such as office supplies to have access to information necessary to complete specific tasks. Workers are often frustrated when they have to waste time looking for the items they need to get their work done. You must also take steps to ensure workers have easy access to the things they need. For example, if the individual who maintains control of the one and only key to the supply closet acts as though her coworkers are stealing her personal supplies, this will create tensions which can demotivate employees. Even small frustrations such as searching for office supplies can impact motivation in the workplace. By providing training for ongoing career development is a vital element of the...

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