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Motovation Plan

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Motivation Plan

Danny Williams

July 31, 2014

LDR 531

Motivation must occur to maximize team efficiency and productivity within a work environment. Motivation can come in many ways; however it is solely reliant on the personality of the individual the person is trying to motivate. Applying the DiSC assessments help manager in his or her responsibilities in the development and motivation of a team or group. As a second-level supervisor it is Lieutenant Sneed’s responsible to oversee and direct the department’s day-to-day activities as security officer at the International Monetary Fund. He believes that valuing each of the company’s employee’s assessments will help management in creating a motivational plan structured in meeting the various personality types within the work environment. He will design the type of organization the plan using supply chain management. The motivation plan will consist of the evaluation of Brandon Sheakley-Ward, Alyssa Craven, Efrain Vazquez and Danny Williams DiSC assessments results. From an assessment of team C’s DiSC assessments results, the team consist of one in interactive style, two steadiness styles and dominance style. The company’s motivational plan will vision these personality types to develop a plan that identifies and accounts for each individual style for in the company’s work environment. The lieutenant’s plan is to basically use the team’s skill sets and match his or her personality traits with the associated responsibilities included in security organization. The team’s skill sets will also help in searching for opportunities that will help in increasing productivity by the increase of each employee’s morale (Hogan & Kaiser, 2008). Analysis of personality types Considering that the team is included two distinctive…...

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