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Essay BodyTo start with, it is important to briefly discuss the content of MoulinRouge. Moulin Rouge is musical drama and romance film set inParis’s area of Montmartre during the year of 1900, the story ismainly set around the cabaret venue. In words from the film: ‘
It’s astory about beauty, about freedom but above all these things it’s astory about love’
(Moulin Rouge, 2001). The content of the film isabout how a penniless English writer met Moulin Rouge’s star Satinewho was also a courtesan. Having both fallen in love they then haveto overcome many obstacles to be together, the biggest challengewas to overcome the Cabaret’s investor, the Duke, who ‘bought’ Satine exclusively to himself. To make connections between thestory and the way the film was constructed few facts about thestory type need to be discussed.Defining story’s type as well as the genre in which it will beproduced defines how the film has to be constructed. This story is aperfect example of external conflict between main characters andthe society. What it means is opposing points of view are meetingfor example; lovers and their thirst to be free to express the feelingversus society and its restricting rules. In this film we have the richDuke in a position of power, who is paying for the cabaret venueand who has desires on Satine versus Satine and the writer whohave no money and are powerless. Also there is the Cabaret ownerwho is indebted to the Duke who keeps Satine from her lover bycontinuously saying: ‘
The show must go on

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