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Music lovers all across the world can express themselves through their favorite type of music. Regardless of the type of music you love, I bet there has been a time when you have done so. Whether you found yourself happy, depressed, or even angry, music can help you pull through. The musical preference that I turn to is usually rock or metal for my anger, rap for when I am happy and country for the sadder days. Motionless in White and Korn are two of my favorite bands that help me to have a sense of control and fulfillment as a major musical lover. These bands have various similarities in their genres, lifestyles, and personal connections that they create with their fans, yet both are very distinct!

Both of the bands Motionless in White and Korn are a form of the genre, metal. The band Motionless in White is classified as metalcore, which is also known as screamo; the band Korn is classified as nu-metal, in reference to the term new-age-metal. The instruments involved in making this type of music include many of your basics; electric guitars, drums, etc. Though both bands have these instruments, Motionless in White’s main instrument is the singer’s voices. With the way they scream, most people would not understand them, but to their fans it is amazing that one person could sound like a type of machine had distorted the voice and made it the way it sounds, and to make it presentable to the audience so that it is understandable is an art of its own! Korn on the other hand has a very unique style in the way they set up their lyrics. With this band the music is important, and has more of a rock style feel to it than Motionless in White, but the lyrics seem to be their main focus in their music. They truly use the power of words as an instrument on its own. They have a way to communicate with their feelings. No matter the song you listen to by this band, you will be able to convey the emotions channeling through their words. The one thing that I love the most about both of these bands is that no matter what changes are made to them; they are still capable of creating amazing music, without altering the genre to become a different style of band. This makes it easy for fans to continue to love their music.

The second reason as to why these bands are my favorite is because of their lifestyles. As most bands do they travel and put on shows for their fans. During these shows they are flamboyant in their choice of attire as a way to get the audience pumped up for the show. Now some musicians dress differently in everyday life than they do during a performance; these bands do not! They show that it is all right to be who you truly want to be, regardless of what society thinks of you. If you were to see any given member of either band out on the street, you would be able to recognize them because there is very little difference in their appearances between shows and normal life. Another reason is because outside of their “band time” they have lives; they have families. They are real people who do real things, and though, because of their fame, they must keep some things personal and private, most of the time they are open and they make time for their fans. They play with their children, walk their dogs, make love to women, and just enjoy life. No matter how busy their day is, if they can, they make time to talk to you. The lifestyles of the bands I choose to listen to are very important to me because it is conveyed through the music they present. Both Motionless in White and Korn have the abilities to do this very well. You can see their determination, the pain and the struggles that each member goes through, and how they both use music to overcome these things, all by listening to their music. With Korn, you can see the story of their past, how they transformed from ordinary people into a family that will always stand together. As the same for Motionless in White, they have become a family of friends, telling a story that is only getting stronger as they compose each new song; both allowing a glimpse of how their lives are lived with every word spoken.

No matter what type of band or musical group you are, you will always be able to make personal connections of some kind with your audience and fans. It does not matter if it is the lyrics of a song, the instrumentals, or the band members that the connection will be made to, all that matters is there is a connection; this is what makes music exceptionally wonderful, and how you develop fans that fall in love with each aspect of what you do and what you create. The connections that most of Korn and Motionless in White’s fans are able to make are extremely personal ones. Things such as love and anger; feeling lost in this giant world, or having no one to talk to. You just feel as if the music is speaking to you, moving you as if it understands what you are feeling and going through at each time in your life, even if no one really does. It excites you, makes you feel as if you have somebody in the world that you can relate to. Not only are their emotional connections provided with these bands, as with all musical groups, there is also an inspirational connection as well. Many different types of music inspire different things; these two bands inspire their fans to be themselves, live life to the fullest, and provide a feeling that is like, “hey, I can overcome this, I am strong!” It allows you relinquish so many things and enjoy the moment; to be a little crazy and rambunctious.

Though these bands, Motionless in White and Korn have some differences in the way they pull you into their music, both have many of the same similarities. Their genres both being a form of metal, the lifestyles they choose to live of being real and not putting on an illusion of who they really are, along with the ways that they connect with their fans are all astonishing things that help them be amazing bands, and help people all over the world enjoy their music.

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