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9/8/14 Movie Analysis


At about 7 minutes in we meet our hero, Lone Star, who seems to be lazy and slow. He is motivated by cash because he lost a lot gambling. When first meeting the princess he is rude and selfish, but throughout the movie that changes for the better. He struggles to find out who he really is because he lost his parents, but he finds out near the end that he is a prince. He goes on to defeat Planet Spaceballs and Dark Helmet while saving the princess.

The ordinary world: About 11 minutes in we meet the protagonist who is our hero also. Lone Star is drunk sleeping while his ship is on auto pilot. We meet his partner Barf and find out PizzatheHut wants to kill them unless they give him one million spacebucks.

Call to adventure: About 18 minutes in Lone Star gets a call from the King of Druidia asking him to recuse his daughter (the princess) from Dark Helmet.

Refusal of the call: About 19 minutes in Lone Star realizes he does not want to take the call to adventure because its very dangerous and Dark Helmet already wants him dead.

Mentor: Also 19 minutes in the King tells Lone Star he will pay them whatever they want so the money becomes the mentor for him to go on the call to adventure.

Crossing the threshold: About 25 minutes in Lone Star jams Spaceballs radar and steals the princess and her droid back into his ship. 30 minutes in and act one ends and the B story starts when Lone Star and the princess meet on the ship. They do not like each other, but throughout the rest of the movie you see that change.

Tests allies and enemies: Spaceballs and Dark Helmet attempt to capture Lone Star and there ship with the princess about 31 minutes in, but they fail. Then, Lone Stars ship runs out of fuel and crashes into a random planet. There is now interactions between the…...