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Movie Clip – Monsters Ball
Shelia Hill
ENG 225 English Introduction to Film
Instructor: Janelle Jalbert
February 25, 2013

The movie “The Monsters Ball” is a romantic drama film. This is about a young black woman Leticia (Halle Berry) who is a single mother to an obsessed son Tyrell (Coronji Calhoun) and who his father Lawrence Musgrove (Sean Combs) is on death row. They were very both artistic artists. Monster's Ball is a very dark movie, and it's definitely not for kids. It's such an ugly depiction of life that it made me cringe at times. A lot has been said about its graphic sex scene. Well, I didn't think it was too graphic, but it was starkly realistic and completely not glamorous.
Like the rest of the film, it was ugly. And like most of the film, it was unflinchingly real. Leticia is struggling financially to raise their son while her husband is in prison on death row. She eventually took a job working as a waitress at a diner to make ends meet. Which resulted in her sons Tyrell death one night when they were leaving the diner her son was struck by car. “The Monsters Ball”.
And when Leticia meets Hank (Billy Bob Thornton) who stops on the side of the rode to help her take her son to the hospital which he later died. “The Monsters Ball”. And from that night Leticia and Hank went their separate ways until one night Hank sees her leaving from the diner and gave her a ride home which resulted to wild sex. “The Monsters Ball”.
After that night Leticia went on with the sorrows of losing her husband and son dealing with it the best way that she could. And the only way she knew how was going back to her domestic ways which was drinking her problems away. She eventually lost her job dwelling in her pain in sorrow. But once again she reunited with Hank who gave her another ride home.
As he was taking Leticia home he was trying to make her feel…...