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Crash: Of Racial Discrimination and Stereotypes
November 3rd, 2011

Crash: Of Racial Discrimination and Stereotypes

Directed by Paul Haggis and produced in 2004, Crash was the Oscar Awards winner of Best Picture in 2006. Aside from Best Picture, the movie won only one other award: Best Original Screenplay for Paul Haggis and Robert Moresco. Despite its little recognition, Crash is an important movie to watch.


The plot of Crash is not about a typical, narrative story in the usual sense. Instead, it focuses on a theme or message and weaves several linked stories to highlight the theme. The movie is essentially about racial discrimination and the consequences of stereotyping people. Set in LA, the story covers a 24-hour period. The movie depicts the stories of several people whose lives are intertwined by accidental and casual encounters, usually on the streets.
The characters in the story are people of varying ethnic groups: a bad and a good cop, a group of police investigators, a couple of teenage robbers, a DA and his wife, an Arab family, a Hispanic locksmith and his family, and an affluent African American movie director and his wife. The story revolves around how all of these people have deeply ingrained prejudices and how they themselves could suffer from discrimination.

Theme and depiction

Discrimination and stereotyping of people sometimes happen as a result of reinforcement of the behavior of the people being discriminatory themselves. The DA’s wife was almost paranoid with her suspicions of other ethnic groups or minorities. Stereotyping can box-in people, inasmuch the same way that those people who stereotype others can themselves get trapped in certain situations because of strong biases. This is what happened for instance with the Arab man who nearly shot a girl. His biases led him not to be overly...

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