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Regina Walker
ENG 225: Introduction to Film
Instructor: Christopher McBride
January 17, 2016

The movie I chose to discuss for the theme topic is Goodfellas. The major theme of this movie is about Henry a young man in little Italy who wants to become a wise guy. The mafia was always considered a very tight group, and the gangsters' mob family was just as important as their own family. This is first seen in the movie when Henry first starts working part time for Paulie. Paulie introduced Henry to Jimmy and Tommy who introduced him to a true life of crime and thus began a career of major crimes.
Three techniques used in this film that contribute to the establishment of the theme are Lighting: This movie was shot in traditional and high- key lighting. This can be seen through this entire film, the movie had a few low-key lighting points however; they were not as prevalent as the high key ones. Costuming: The clothing and design in this film are those of an era in which grace and elegance where still key factors in how people dressed. The makeup was neat and flawless and the clothes were timeless and fashionable. In the scene in which Henry and Karen went on a date she wears a dress and long gloves something customary of what women wore back then. His suit was fitted and not sloppy or too baggy or big it was tailored to fit him and he wore it well when they entered the restaurant, although through the back door it was just a romantic scene because of the way they looked dressed up and out on the town. Acting Style: Watching the film one would think that all the actors were of Italian decent. They performed the parts so well that when you see them in other roles you almost expected them to sound like or behave in the manner in which they were in the film. The fact that parts of the movie were true…...