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Going to the movies has become a cultural sensation. It has become so mainstream that one of the most common ways people go out on dates is to just go watch a movie together. To some people the idea of going to the movies may seem like a nice time. But the question begs; is it really? This weekend I went to AMC theaters to watch John Leonetti’s Annabelle (2014). Being a huge fan of horror film, I thought this would be a great experience. This was until the movie the movie began. One of the main issues with going to the movies today is that you are surrounded by other spectators. These spectators depending on who they are can totally sabotage your experience or make your day, unfortunately, I was stuck with a bad crowd. It’s a horror movie, you have to come in with the assumption that there is going to be a lot of noise. There will be many people terrified and screaming as a result. But, usually one fails to factor in the constant chatting and bickering going on by your peers throughout the movie. While trying to watch the movie I often found myself overhearing the various discussions going on between those around me. I heard everything, from a mother trying to cheer up her petrified son to a couple arguing over what they were going to do when the movie was over. This constant chatter would occasionally rise to the point where it would disrupt the dialogue in the movie and I would be left wondering what the characters were talking about. This would occur most often after a scare scene. The scene where Mia, the protagonist being haunted throughout the movie, is trapped in the elevator was one of the hardest scenes to sit through, not because of the sheer horror going on, but because of all the chaos and noise going on in the theatre at the time. The scene put the entire audience into a mad phase of panic and the theatre absolutely erupted with commotion. Kids were...

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