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Media, messages and styles used by Indian marketing communicators of Films

1. Overview of Indian Film Industry and Market

2. 4Ps concept applied on the movie industry as a whole

3. Overview of the film making business

4. Classification of movies from a producer’s or distributor’s point of view

5. Classification of movies as products

6. Publicity of movies

7. How different media is used for publicity of movies?

8. Alterative marketing methods

9. Music as a promotion tool

10. Hollywood marketing strategies in India

11. Messages and styles used for promotion of films

12. Bibliography


To find out the Media, messages and styles used by Indian marketing communicators of Films.


The project is based on secondary data information, as a source of secondary data various websites, movie magazines and marketing journals are used.


Bollywood, which contributes 27% of entertainment revenues, is changing from a fragmented industry to a few stalwart organisations who occupy all parts of the value chain starting from production to distribution. The article explores the new emerging trends in innovative movie promotions in the industry. The changing paradigm of its viewer ship and the increased role of NRI clusters is leading to a structural change in the way business is done in ‘Bollywood’.

Overview of Indian Film Industry and Market

India is the world's largest producer of films by volume - producing almost a thousand films annually. However, revenue-wise, it accounts for only 1 percent of global film industry revenues.

Components of the Indian film industry

The Indian film industry comprises of a cluster of regional film industries, like Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, etc. This makes it one of the most complex and...

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