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The Rainmaker Extra Credit Paper

From the first couple minutes of the film I was shocked at how illegally both the defendant and plaintiff lawyers would act. They would cross the line so many times, trying to twist the truth to make their side of the story sound better than the others. It began to seem like both sides eventually convinced themselves that they were right. In midst of all the conniving that was going on, I was a fan of the way Rudy (Matt Damon) acted by following the rules in order to win his case. Although there was still lying done on their side (mainly just to throw off their opponent lawyers and cause them to believe something happened when it really didn’t) Rudy was never the one to actually commit the act. He would always stay true to the case while forming meaningful connections with his clients. I liked how Rudy would stay true to his word when he spoke to his clients, which is why he was probably so successful in his first case.
I previously had imagined the legal system ran in a similar way, but this assumption was based off shows that are much more unrealistic. The movie strengthened the picture I had forming in my head how lawyers don’t like to play by the rules. It proved that they would try to hide evidence from the opposing side that would be perfectly fair to present in court, even going to the extent to shifting around witnesses. In addition to the illegal acts of the lawyers, the movie confirmed the imagine I had of an active courtroom with both sides shouting objections and performing cross examinations on their clients.
The only part of the movie that went against any imagine I previously had imagined an active courtroom would be like was the amount of emotional involvement of the judge. I was surprised to see that he took such a liking to Rudy’s side as opposed to the others, and would act almost apologetic. I had always…...