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Movie Review Fireproof Zelder Dickerson April 14, 2013

The movie, Fireproof, is a Christian based movie drama which was released in 2008. It is based on a married couple who is experiencing issues which could lead to divorce. Caleb was a heroic fireman who saved lives every day but was allowing his marriage to go up in smoke. He desperately needed to change in order to save it. As a result, he decides to shares his dilemma with his father. In turn, his dad suggests that he postpone the decision for forty day and complete an exercise called “The Love Dare” which helps him to realize that divorce is not the answer but change is.

The Review This movie has a Christian marriage coaching theme incorporated in it because the husband shares his problems with two people he trusts. As a result, they provided him with support encouragement, accountability, honesty, biblical truth, and guidance. In essence, they became his coaches, “Christian marriage coaching is the application of Christian coaching concepts and skills to facilitate growth, healing, and change for couples” (Collins, 2009, p. 253).

There is a scene where Caleb is confiding in his friend at work about his wife desiring to get a divorce. William listens carefully and then imparts insight regarding the situation. He begins by reminding Caleb about the vows of marriage, placing a major emphasis on for better or worse. William continues to add that most people do not take their vows seriously enough. In addition, he provides a visual of a married couple by gluing a salt and pepper shaker together. He makes a point to tell Caleb that even though they are different, you never see them apart. His friend shows the characteristics of a good coach by listening, speaking the truth, being honest, and displaying sensitivity.

The second scene is when Caleb and his father are walking outside to discuss his progress…...