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Overall this movie is based on fashion industry. Andrea Sachs, graduated in journalism try her luck to fill the most wanted position that been dreamt by girls which to be personal assistant to Miranda Prisley, a sophisticated executive of the runway fashion magazine. She among the luckiest person to be hired by Miranda. As Andrea does not have good sense in fashion, she always been undermine by her colleague as dressing code is a major thing in fashion magazine company. In order to be accepted by the company’s culture, Andrea starts to change her appearance. She became trendy and classy. The works had her to commit 24/7 hours per week and gradually abandon her relationship with her boyfriend, Nate and her friend, Lily. By realizing this, she resigned from her work and heal the broken relationship. With Miranda’s suggestion, Andrea later is hired by New York newspaper publication as a journalist.

One of the problems faced by Andrea as revealed in the movie is pressure and stress she suffered because of her work. First of all, Andrea stressed out because of her non-conformance with the fashion magazine company’s environment. Even on the first day she was in the offices of Runaway, she received unpleasant glances towards her outfit that is not up to trend and it continues after she was hired and working in the company. Her colleague make fun of her fashion and talk about how she does not deserve the job at Miranda’s office. Besides she was burdened by the never ending task assigned by Miranda to her. Andrea’s first day as Miranda’s second personal assistant had already put her in a state of panic when she was awaken by a phone call from Emily at 6.15 am and was given a list of tasks need to be completed before she attend the office. She also had no time for herself as she is always summoned by…...