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5 Must-Have Ingredients For Flat Ironing Natural Hair
Beyonce’s Waist Length Box Braids
The Pros and Cons of Mini Twists for Natural Hair

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By Chinwe of Hair and Health

Mini twists are essentially tiny twists, much smaller than the diameter of a pencil. In some cases, mini twists are so small that the hair may appear loose rather than twisted.


Mini twists last longer — anywhere from three to six weeks — than larger twists. Because they are so small, they tend not to frizz and age as quickly. This is great news for those who want to leave their natural hair alone for several weeks at a time.

Not only do mini twists last longer, they also allow for more versatility in styling. Because they are so small, it is much easier to achieve a range of styles than with larger twists. A lot of the styles can mimic those on loose natural hair.


(In 2013)


Mini twists can take hours to a day or two to install or take down. This can be a challenge if you have to be somewhere or you just do not have the time or patience. In terms of helping with patience, watching a few movies or television shows can help pass the time. When it comes to needing to be somewhere, some naturals prefer to start their mini twists in the front or along the perimeter of their hair so that they can “fake the finished look” if they haven’t completed the twists in time.


Single-strand knots and locking are more likely to occur in mini twists than in larger twists, especially for those with tightly-coiled, kinky strands. In order to prevent locking, try not to wear this style for longer than four weeks. Five or even six weeks might be pushing the limit, but then again, if your hair can handle it, then go for it. (Twisting technique also matters; the tighter and stronger your twisting, the longer you can wear the style.) Additionally, redoing the twists (weekly or biweekly) along the edges and nape may be necessary to minimize locking and meshing.


(Smallest ever done; in 2010)


If you lack patience, then mini twists may not be for you. Patience is necessary during the installation and takedown in order to avoid breakage.

If you wash your hair frequently, then mini twists may also not be for you. Washing the protective style can encourage single-strand knots and locking over time. Naturals with tightly-coiled hair should be extra cautious when wearing this style being sure to monitor their hair for meshing and locking.

If you desire a long-term protective style that offers versatility, but do not quite have the patience to install mini box braids, then these sort of twists may be a viable option.

If you have fine strands, then there is a chance that mini twists may not be for you. I find that a lot of fine-haired naturals experience more single-strand knots, tangles, and ultimately breakage with this style due to the diameter of their strands.

At the end of the day, do what works for you and your hair!

Ladies, what has been your experience with mini twists?

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45 thoughts on “The Pros and Cons of Mini Twists for Natural Hair”

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FEBRUARY 3, 2014 AT 7:28 PM
I love mini twist, I do my hair every two to three weeks. It takes about 8 hours but it is well worth it. Once I take them down I wear a twist out for about a week and I shampoo my hair and start over.

FEBRUARY 3, 2014 AT 9:41 PM
I plan on doing the same thing. 3-4 weeks of twists, out for a week then start all over again. Installing them do take forever but its worth it.

FEBRUARY 4, 2014 AT 1:37 AM
I LOVED getting my hair in mini twists. what helped my hair to not lock up was actually after the beautician did my mini twist she would run a flat iron over my hair to bump the ends and make the twists more cleaner looking. I loved it cus I have the type of hair that tangles really badly. Flat ironing my hair after the twisting helped to keep my hair from tangling and it was easier to take my hair down too. Mini twist are so versatile!

FEBRUARY 4, 2014 AT 5:01 AM
@Rina,Thanks for providing this awesome tip. I never though about using flat iron on my hair after twisting. What products have you used on your hair and do you have your twists done on dry or wet hair. I too have 4b,4c and maybe even 4d(lol) hair and after one week of having twists I find myself have to redo the sides Nd back of my hair due to frizz and early locking. Of I would get frustrated and just take them out little at a time while in class or at work or just watching tv. So thanks for that. Hopefully this might be a thing that I try.

FEBRUARY 4, 2014 AT 9:21 AM
I did it once, but I believe my hair was already too long. It took forever, but it was very nice to have–no one could even see my twists I did them so small! But like I said, my hair was too long, that take-down was epic, and I shook my head, and continued to do singles if I don’t want to do my hair.

Abeni Randle
FEBRUARY 4, 2014 AT 9:35 AM
I dont wear mini twists anymore because my hair is fine and after two weeks they look a mess and are tangled. However my daughter loves mini twists because I dont have to comb her hair and she like the versatility, I love that they last for four weeks.

FEBRUARY 4, 2014 AT 9:35 PM
I Love Mini twists, but the longer my hair got, I got tired doing them and moved on to medium sized twists which don’t last as long. Sometimes I am tempted to revisit them, because you can do so many styles with them.

FEBRUARY 5, 2014 AT 5:23 AM i love mini twists the styling options are endless,but the installation and take town process takes too long.

FEBRUARY 5, 2014 AT 1:55 PM
I love mini twists!

FEBRUARY 6, 2014 AT 9:25 AM
I love mini twists, but after a few days mine look really frizzy. I push it to two weeks. But there’s no way I can keep them in longer than that. What can I do to minimize frizz? I have used Eden Bodyworks curl cream and Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie to twist.

FEBRUARY 7, 2014 AT 1:05 PM
Hi Nat! My hair is super frizz prone in the front. What I found was that I just have to retwist the front to keep it looking frizz free. I don’t keep my twists in for longer than 3-4 weeks at a time so by week 2, I’d just re-twist the front and I was good to go again. It’s annoying but it’s the only way I could get the benefits of long term protective styling without looking like a frizz ball after week 2. Lol. Hope this helps.

REPLY whylie2010 FEBRUARY 7, 2014 AT 12:05 PM
Mini-twists (or micro mini twists as I liked to call them) were my go-to style for years…when I was younger and had thicker hair. As I’ve grown older, my hair has thinned out some and the mini-twists are no longer an option. I miss them so. I used to do the bottom half one day and finish the top half the next. Or you could do the perimeter on day, and wear it in a high bun until you can finish the middle. The best thing about it for me was the twist out afterwards. Loved it. Miss it. :o(
If you have thick hair – go for it!

FEBRUARY 7, 2014 AT 1:00 PM
I have fine hair but I love mini twists! They did right by my hair. I don’t wear them anymore because they simply take too long to install and my hair is pretty long now so I wear small-medium size loose twists and love them. They make my fine hair appear fuller, don’t take me longer than 2.5 hours to install and I leave them in for about 3 weeks at most. Easy peasy. I love protective styling with twists.

FEBRUARY 13, 2014 AT 12:36 PM no way with mini twist in my thin hair i finish by having knots and tangles… i tried it it was cute but no way… never again!!!

APRIL 5, 2014 AT 10:21 AM
I love these little things. I love the length, but keeping them moisturized and healthy is more important to me now. I wet my hands and apply Shea Moisture’s – Deep Treatment Masque 2-3 times a week. My hair is growing in thicker, longer and way healthier than I’ve ever seen it!!! :-D And yes, with chemicals, that didn’t happen at all!!! I usually keep them in for months at a time, but as my hair grows, I take one down and retwist it. The longest I’ve worn them, was 2.5 years. The rate it grows now, if I had the same knowledge back then, my hair would be much longer, etc., but it’s getting there!

MAY 16, 2014 AT 8:10 PM
I’ve taken to going something b/w mini and medium twists recently. Takes about 2 hours to put in and lasts 2 weeks (probably would be better if I could learn to become one of those people who wraps their hair at night and can keep it for the entire night). I washed and conditioned today with the twists still in, then just took them down and retwisted one by one to save time on parting and such. This may be my new “go to” “don’t want to do or detangle my hair for an extended period of time” style. :)

JUNE 3, 2014 AT 3:38 PM
That’s all I’m rocking summer 2014! I usually spend the spring/summer in box braids with extensions and kinky twists with extensions. Well about a month ago I took out my kinky twists and noticed my hairline disappearing! No body got time fo that! ;-)

So I decided to rock mini twists / cornrow & mini twists styles. I LOVE IT. I can do most of my favorite loose styles, flexi rods, roller sets etc…without direct heat. Wet sets for the summer? Yes please!

AUGUST 8, 2014 AT 6:50 PM
Well, I have a love/hate relationship with mini twists. I have 3b-c hair, and it just won’t stay twisted. I love the versatility and not having to do something with my hair everyday. But for me, the install process is sooo long. I did it about 2 weeks ago, it took about 10 hours, but they wouldn’t stay twisted. I re-did them with 3-strand twists a week later. It took about 14 hours. I loved the result, I did a Bantu knot out and it was super cute. But I think my hair is now too long for this style, I don’t know if I’ll do it again.

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...HINDI DHARAM EKTA KA MADHYAN HAI आज जो भारत है उसने धार्मिक एकता के मंत्र को पहचाना है। वह इस बात से परिचित हो गया है की यदि वह एक होकर नहीं रहेगा तो वह विकास के रास्ते पर चल नहीं सकता। जिस प्रकार 4-5 लकड़ियों के साथ मिलाने पर कोई उन्हें तोड़ नहीं सकता, उसी प्रकार हर धर्म के व्यक्ति का एकता के सूत्र में बंधे देश का कोई कुछ बिगाड़ नहीं सकता। धर्म मनुष्य को अच्छाई को अपना ने और बुराई को मिटाने का रास्ता बताता है। यदि मनुष्य के जीवन में धर्म न हो तो वह कभी अच्छा इसान नहीं बन सकता। धर्म मनुष्य को उसके आचरण, उसके कर्तव्यों, आपसी प्रेम व साझे दारी बनाए रखने की प्रेरणा देता हैकिसी धर्म ने कभी यह नहीं कहा की दूसरा धर्म अच्छा नहीं है। धर्म ही है जो मनुष्य को आपस में जोड़े हुए है। मनुष्य में बुराई के प्रति डर पैदा करना व उसे अच्छा इनसान बनाना धर्म के माध्यम से ही संभव हो पाया है। देखा जाए तो सारे धर्मों का निचोड़ ही एक है दूसरों की सेवा करना, सबकी सहायता करना, सत्य व सदाचार से जीवनयापन करना। धर्म ही एकता बनाए रखने का माध्यम है यदि धर्म के द्वारा आचरण किया जाए तो कोई मनुष्य किसी से द्वेष व बैरभावना न रखे। चारों तरफ प्रेम व आपसी भाईचारे का फैलाव व प्रचार हो। यह वह सीढ़ी है जिससे मनुष्य स्वयं के लिए विकास व अच्छे जीवन की तलाश कर सकता है। अपने देश को नई प्रगति व रूप दे सकता है। इसका सबसे बड़ा उदाहरण भारत है। भारत में हर धर्म विद्यमान है। आपसी मतभेदों के बावजूद आज सब एक हैं। जो की धर्म के माध्यम से ही संभव हो पाया है। भारत को भी इस एकता ने समस्त संसार के आगे गर्व से सर उठाने का मौका दिया है। इस एकता ने भारत को नई ऊँचाईयों से जोड़ दिया है। उसके लिए विकास के हजारों नए रास्ते खुल गए हैं।...

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...A) Fashion: Aiming at High dreams, Digesting success, sustaining success, achieving success, how to raise from one’s failure, Family interventions, Systems prevailing in each industry, Bad habits a factor to rule you out, willingness to comeback and regain the bygone glory, recovering from depression, leader is never the best performer and facing different seasons in life. B) Munnabhai M.B.B.S: Effect due to Place and position, Power of positive attitude, Interpersonal communication and relationship, Power of belief, Applicable learning, Positive affirmations and People perform their best in what they like even in all odds. C) Chake De India: Goal Achievement, Team building, Team management, Team spirit, Role of seniors, Coaching leadership, Focus, Benefits of homework, Positive affirmation and Power of subconscious mind, Talent management, Organisational goal versus, Individual goals, Sacrifice and win, Male dominance as well as Women as a performer. D) Taare Zameen Par : Role of academic institutions, Role of a teacher, Power of creativity, Coaching leadership, Role of parents in their children’s lives, Creative visualisation, Out-of-box thinking, Effects of comparison and Value addition to the education system. E) Black: Role of a trainer, Believe in results, Patience, Change is permanent, Human Capital Management; Satisfaction is above money factor. F) Lakshya: Mission statement, Goal achievement, Willingness to do and achieve, Inner driven leadership, Visible change...

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