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Moving to a Different Country

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Steps to Moving to a new country Mayar Lampkin Everest University

Ever wonder what it is like to move to a new country? Well wonder no more I will tell you. Moving to a new country can be fun and exciting adventure but it takes a lot of work and planning. Before you go and experience the new culture make sure you do research on the country. Another is to make sure you have the right paper work and documentation. The last step is to make sure you pack up essentials. It sounds like a lot and hard work but in the end it is all worth it. Doing research about the country you will live in is very important because you will be informed about the cultures and customs of the country. Also researching what cities are safe to live in and what cities are dangerous is good way of keeping yourself safe and out of trouble. Make sure to research living situations is it mostly apartment/condo living or is it houses? Knowing that information is good for when you are packing because you will know how much space you will have. A good way of research is finding a group on a social media website and asking them questions about the country and living situations. This step will be the most important step out of all three. Having the right paperwork and documentation is very important or you can get in serious trouble and or road blocks along the way. Making sure you know what you need is important. For example if you do not already have a passport make sure you apply for one right away because it can take a while to receive it. Next if you plan on working you must apply for a work visa in order to be able to get a job and work legally. Make sure to know if the country you are going to needs an entry visa beforehand or no. for example when going to South Korea you get a 90 entry visa which means you can only be in the country for 90 days and then have to leave and reenter for another 90 days. If you do not leave you can be fined for every day you are there with an expired visa. Packing up your essentials is a good way or only taking what you really need for this fresh new start. A good way to do that is by making three piles: stuff you really need, stuff you might need, and stuff you will never use again. The pile of stuff that you really need will go with you the stuff you might need can be put into storage or left at a relative’s house and the stuff you do not need you can throw away or donated. Also you can save money on shipping. Make sure you when you decide on a moving company you set up dates and times of when they will come to your house and know how long it will take until your stuff arrives to you. Also make sure you know the rules and regulations of what can and cannot be shipped. If you ship something that is not allowed your stuff can stay in customs longer which will take longer for you to receive your belongings. Even though this seems like a lot of stressful stuff to do I can guarantee it will be worth it in the end. You will be able to experience new culture and learn to live in a new place on your own. It might be scary at first especially if there is a language barrier but taking a couple classes and learning the language can help a great deal.

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