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Importance of spirituality in Indigenous, Maori and Pacific development?

* Cultural * Keeping identity (whakapapa/past traditions) while developing. * First and last thing of your place on earth – Maori belief. Born Wairua coming into life form, leave - wairua last thing to leave. * Connection with natural environment and higher realm. * Mason Durie’s Tapawha model, spirituality/wairua is one of the components that keeps a person balanced

Question 1
There is more than one way to view the world. Maori have a holistic view. See difference between western and Maori worldview. Maori see as collective. Western = individualistic/ rigid. Different values. Finding common ground between two world views in order to move forward.

Lectures 4 5 10 and readings.
Intro and conclusion, logical and coherence form beg to end
One group – Maori, write about their worldview
Western worldview
Compare and contrast
How impact on Maori development – national development in NZ.

Question 2
Education poverty crime health domestics violence statistics. Initiatives that are rising – plans and addressing these inequalities

Lecture 10 and 11
Initiatives – rise of maori initiavtives, what are they.
Discuss some plans put in place
Why are these still happening, ow does Kaupapa Maori approach help

Question 3
Week 12
Intro state that spirituality is important Briefly
Define explain what is spirituality
Explain Maori dev and link to spirituality
Importance of spirituality to M, ind, and Pac Dev

Question 4
Disagree – only western point of view. Intergrate Maori and westernize worldviews for development.
Week 9
Why disagree, SEE. One paragraph for...

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