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1. Using Herzberg and Maslow theories I will show that motivation for staff to work well depends on more than a high salary and good working conditions.

Herzberg’s theory (1966) concluded that factors such as (but not limited to) Achievement, Recognition and Advancement motivate staff. This is shown in the Barbour Brown Engineering Ltd case study as everyone is fairly well paid however James is often treated as David’s senior whereby he would have James give out the new projects to staff and was also allowed to authorise site visits when David was out of the office. This has lead too many of the engineers being de-motivated and to a certain point disgruntled as they all have their chartered status and James doesn’t and therefore less qualified. In other words the Intrinsic factors are non-existent; the engineers come to work, told from someone that is less qualified what to do and get paid. The extrinsic factors are met as the engineers are paid good salaries. So if some of the other engineers were given the same responsibilities as James on occasion perhaps they would be far more motivated at work.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory (1954) said that there are several aspects that motivated people to work and once all aspects are satisfied then one can reach a stated of “Self Actualisation” To extend this the money and working conditions help motivation but they need to be stacked with satisfied Physiological, Safety (Security), Social and Esteem needs. This is also shown in Neil Brown section where he would give Jack the autonomy and flexibility to decide how projects should be carried out also once a project was up and running Jack would attend management meetings with clients to discuss the project planning and development. Following this Jack encouraged the rest of the team offer and share project design suggestions and how work should be carried out. So…...

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