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➢ Introduction

➢ Power empowerment

➢ Objectives Of Power & Politics

➢ Defination of power

➢ Types of power

➢ Graphical Representation of power

➢ Defination Of Politics

➢ How power and politics means in corporate sector?

➢ Relate power and poltics

➢ Methodology

➢ Conclusion


Power and Politics have been described as the last dirty words. People who got power but they supposed to deny and sometimes they misuse their power and they want it not to try and not look like they are seeking it, and those who are good at getting it are secretive and how they have to do so. Politic also plays an important role in corporate sector. All things should mentioned below, how they supposed to use their political work in an organization. By harassing the employees and specially the ladies for their sexual harassments. And they also made a group and create problem for other employees and also for an organization.

Defination Of Power

“power is a capacity that person has to influence the behavior of other persons so acts in accordance with that particular person wishes.

» The potential to influence others

» People have power they don’t use and may not know they possess

» Power requires one person’s perception of dependence on another person.

Authority Versus Power Authority





➢ Expert Power

Coercive power:-

Power based on fear is known as coercive power. A person reacts to this power out of fear of the negative results that might occur if she failed to comply.the threat of application or the threat of generation and also for the controlling by force of basic physiological (safety) needs.

For example: Amit has a coercive power over Rohit and if Amit can suspend Rohit from his job .here we means that Rohit find him unpleasant and find himself embarrassing. Means to say in an organization who have knowledge that others needs can make those other dependent on them.

Reward power:

Power based on the ability to distribute something that other value. And it just the opposite meaning of coercive power. In this people comply with the wishes or directives of another because doing so positive benefits. Both coercive and reward power is counterparts of each other.

For Example:

If you give something of positive and remove negative value we must have to reward to that person.

Legitimate Power:

In organization the most frequently access to one or more of the power bases is one’s structural position.

For example:

When a Army senior officer want to say some derivatives they must have to obeyed by their Lieutenants and have to follow his senior order.

Expert Power:

Power based on one’s expertise, special skills and his knowledge. Power based on identification with a person who has desirable recourses or person traits.

For Example:- Doctor, Engineers (this are experts in their field).

Bases on which Power are most effective?

There are some bases on which powers are very much effective , such as there are three bases of formal like coercive power, reward, and legitimate power and the two bases of personal power i.e expert and referent power. These both expert and referent power are positively related to employees satisfaction and supervision in the organization.

Some other power tactics that are used in organization……….

There are nine tactics used in organization for various purpose and also to motivate the employees :

1. Legitimacy.

2. Rational Persuasion

3. Inspirational

4. Consultation.

5. Exchange

6. Personal appeals.

7. Ingratiation.

8. Pressure

9. Coalitions.

These all are those tactics which help as well as most effective and made a chance for success.

Sexual Harassment and Power

Sexual harassment is defined as any wanted activity of a sexual nature that affects an individual’s employment. It also involves unlawful discrimination against a person with respect to compensation , terms and condition or privileges of employment on account of his/her gender.

The problem today’s are very likely to surface around more subtle forms of sexual harassment, unwanted looks or comments, and also sexual artefacts like posting pinups in the work place and misinterpretations of where the line between being friendly ends and hararssment begins. It is common in todays world mostly they hararss ladies employees for get them promotion and for the better salary and also for some other reason.

Office Romance and the Power

For an organization or a firm it is very common word for employees aware of this word and that’s the reason the ration of women /ladies employees is decreasing now a days. And for further they are not set up their views and they are not ready for future goal or service. The relationship gone to be built among co-workers and senior management for their better future and for their promotion. I am concluding both who are avoiding sexual harassments but there are some who are used to do so for their better future and get their promotion as soon as possible.



Organizational politics can be defined as the power to affect decision making in an organization , behaviours by members that they are self serving and organizationally non sanctioned. Means to say that whenever there is an politics in any firm that will not able to take decision and go for the further thoughts. And also they are not able for the decision making for further assistance and company profit moves in a irregular manner and move downward and also there is problem created in organization.





Political behaviour:

The activites that are not required as part of a person’s formal role and actions in the organization or firm but that influence or attempt to influence the distribution of advantages and disadvantages within the organization.

By doing this they are creating issues for the firm and they are not looking ahead for further views.

Legitimiate Political behaviour:

This legitimiate power is said to be normal everyday politics, means to say the political power that is running around in our country. Whatever our politicians used there power for our nations and the decision should me for better future of our country.

Illegitimate Political Behavior:

This political behaviour are seems to be create extreme political behaviour that violates the implied rules of the game. Means to say that the person who missuse their power and use political motion in the firm which moves him to a negative way. They never ever thought for better future when they are not agreed to do work then used different calamities in the organization. They start to forming groups and use political fundas to disturb whole organization.

Factors that influence political behaviour:

1. Individual factor

2. Organizational factor

Not all groups or organization are equally political. In some organization for instance politicking is overt and rampant while in other organization politics plays an vital role in influencing outcomes.

1. Individual factor:

In this factor the employees who are high self monitors, possess an internal locus of control and they have high need for power are more likely to engage in political behaviour. The high self monitor is more sensitive to social cues exhibits higher levels of social conformity and is more likely to be skilled in political behaviour than the low self monitoring persons.

They will manipulate themselves and they used there thoughts and beliefs for the better future and in the developing nation and use there power for better growth.

2.Organizational factor:

Political activity is most probably more a function of an organization characteristics than of individual difference variables. In any organization whenever a large number of employees with the individual characteristics we listed, the political behaviour varies widely. The evidence more strongly supports the ideas that certain situations and cultures promote politics. Whenever there is a large number of employees are found in any organization then ther is politics can be formed they found to jealous among themselves and on other hand they create a issue for the firm related to some own created issue.

Factors That Influences Political Behavior

Organizational Politics

➢ Attempts to influence others using discretionary behaviours to promote personal objectives

– Discretionary behaviours — neither explicitly prescribed nor prohibited

➢ Politics may be good or bad for the organization

➢ Organizational Politics: More Likely at the Top

Impression management

➢ Conformity: agreeing with another’s opinion to get their approval.

➢ Apologies: Admitting responsibility for an undesirable event and simultaneously seeking to get a pardon for the action

➢ Acclamations: Explanation of favorable events to maximize the desirable implications for oneself.

➢ Flattery: Complimenting others on their virtues in an effort to make oneself appear perceptive and likeable

➢ Favours: Doing something nice for someone to gain that person’s approval

➢ Association: Enhancing or protecting one’s image b y managing information about people and things with which one is associated.

➢ Reeing with another’s opinion to get their approval

➢ Excuses: Explanations of a predicament-creating event aimed at minimizing the apparent severity of the predicament.




Now we can conclude our discussion of politics by providing some ethical guidelines for political behaviour. There are no clear cut ways to differentiate ethical from unethical politicking . the political activity conform to standards of equity and justice. It is hard to weigh the costs and benefits of a political actions but there is ethically clear by our discussion. The department head who inflates the performance evaluation of a favoured employee and deflates the evaluation to justify of disfavoured employee. Those who are powerful, articulate and persuasive are most venerable because they are likely to be able to get away with unethical practises successfully. These all seems to be active and be aware or to avoid those calamities or person those creating an issue for firm and organization and also even country. If they are high thinker then never ever they create problem in organization decision making. So as per as my view we have to work together in healthy and uselful society and organization.


Power and politics in organizations are common. In most cases, each concept is necessary and executed with skill and precision. Unfortunately, power can lead to conformity from those around us, and this occurring conformity can breed corruption. The amount of power you have has strong ties to how much others depend on you. If you are deemed a valuable resource within an organization, then you are able to wield that dependability to make demands and get others to do what you want. Besides having an innate or acquired control over particular resources, there are several social aspects of power to draw on.

Methods for obtaining more power in an organization can often lead to political behaviors. As one person seeks to influence another to support an idea, politics begins to play out. Though necessary in some instances, many people that follow the rules see the politics of an organization as resulting in an unfair distribution of resources. Still others, despite understanding the politics of a given organization, see it as an unnecessary time consumer. Politics, influence, and power can often reside within your social network. When an individual is core to a social structure, they will often have some degree of control over others. Social networks can also help you acquire jobs, make beneficial connections, and generally make like easier. It is often a good idea to analyze your social network and determine if it needs to be strengthened or tailored.



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Pengajian Malaysia

...‫ور‬ ‫ا م‬ & SELAMAT SEJAHTERA ‫ا و آ‬ BAB 1: PENGENALAN MASYARAKAT MALAYSIA TOPIK-TOPIK BAB; TOPIKMASYARAKAT BUDAYA HUBUNGAN ETNIK DI MALAYSIA MPW 1133 PENGAJIAN MALAYSIA Tenaga Pengajar: Pengajar: En. Muhamad Wazir Bin Muslat FPSS UNiSEL, Bestari Jaya UNiSEL, Tel : 017-2406268 017email: 1 2 MASYARAKAT PENGENALAN Negara D.K.R.T Malaysia dari segi Sejarah Kedudukan geografi Kedudukan ekonomi Kepelbagaian masyarakat PENGENALAN DEFINISI MASYARAKAT KONSEP-KONSEP MASYARAKAT KONSEPMASYARAKAT MAJMUK HUBUNGAN ETNIK PEMBINAAN BANGSA/NATION MALAYSIA 3 4 DEFINISI MASYARAKAT Kamus Dewan > kumpulan manusia yg menetap bersama di suatu tempattempatmengikut aturan tertentu Kelompok terbesar dari makhluk manusia dimana mereka hidup terjaring kebudayaan (Kucaraningrat) Kucaraningrat) Kelompok manusia yg telah lama hidup & bekerjasama sehingga mereka dapat mengorganisasikan dirinya & berfikir mengenai dirinya sebagai kesatuan sosial yg mempunyai batas-batas tertentu batas(Linton) Samb... Satu kum. manusia yg b'hbg secara tetap & kum. t'sususn dlm m'jlnkan aktiviti2nya secara kolektif & merasakan bhw mrk adalah hidup b'sama. b'sama. Bukanlah individu yg sama shj m'jadi anggota satu2 msykt krn anggota baru akan terus menerus lahir di dlmnya & ada pula yg mati. Oleh mati. yg demikian t'dpt p'hub. terus menerus di p'hub. kalangan mrk yg masih hidup & kekal selama b'abad2 (Roucek & Warren, 1976) (Roucek Satu kumpulan / kelompok......

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