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Report on MPSEZ Visit


Saleem Ali

IPR Course, Quarter 1

Dr. Preeta Vyas

September, 29, 2011.

Mundra Port first commenced operations in 1998 with one berth. Today MPSEZ (Mundra Port and special economic zone) is the largest and one of the most efficient private ports in India. The major contributing factors to the astounding success of Mundra Port are as follows: 1. Ready Availability of Cargo: The primary purpose of any port is to facilitate the smooth movement of cargo and related ships. In fact one of the parameters for measuring the efficiency of a port is to measure the time as to how fast a particular cargo/commodity is moved to/from the port. The faster the movement the more efficient is the port. As Adani Group was already in trading business and thus had ample cargo waiting for efficient movement so the port so constructed was bound to succeed. The existing port facilities were poor and inadequate at that time and hence the trading business of Adani group was suffering due to lack of such port. 2. Strategic Location: Mundra Port is strategically located in Northern Gulf of Kutch and provides a convenient international trade gateway to Europe, Africa, America and the Middle East. It also has a large land area available for development, part of which is now the Mundra SEZ which proposes to attract port-led industrial development. Thus though initially the scope of port was just a captive jetty for Adani Group, but there was always huge scope for growth to a multi-user port facility from the very beginning. 3. Natural Deep Draft: The biggest maritime factor and USP for continued growth of Mundra Port has been the availability of natural deep draft. The port is blessed with an all round draft of 17-17.5 meters. The deep draft means that the port can safely handle all sizes of ships in channel and alongside the...

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