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Management Information Systems

Course Notes

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1.0 The Information Systems Revolution 1 A. Why Information Systems? 1 B. Contemporary approaches to Information Systems 2 C. Other current Trends in Information Technology 4

2.0 The Information systems Revolution 9 A. The New Role of Information Systems in Organization 9 B. Learning to use information systems: New Opportunities with technology 10

3.0 The Strategic Role of Information Systems 14 A. Organizations and Information Systems 14 B. Information systems & Business Strategy 20

4.0 Information Systems, Organizations and Business Strategy 28 A. Organizations and Information Systems 28 B. How Organization Affect Information Systems 33 C. How Information Systems Impact organizations and Business firms 35

5.0 Information, Management & Decision Making 39 A. Introduction to Decision Making 39 B. Individual Models of Decision Making 42 C. Organizational Models of Decision Making 43 D. The Impact of IT Management Process 44

6.0 Ethics & Social Impact of Information systems 46 A. The Importance of Ethics in Information Systems 46 B. Electronic Networks 46 C. The Moral Dimensions of Information Systems 50

7.0 Computer and Computer Processing 57 A. What is a Computer? 57 B. Systems Approach 58 C. Classification of computers 64

8.0 Information Systems Software 66 A. Computer Software 66 B. System Software 66 C. Application Software 68

9.0 Managing Data Resources 74 A. Organizing Data in a traditional environment 74 B. Limitations of Traditional File Environment 75 C. The Database approach to data Management 76 D. Types of Databases 78

10. System Development Methodologies 80 A. Software Development 80 B. Systems Development Life Cycle...

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