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Arizona vs Gant case is about violation of the suspect rights and the collision it presents when it proceeds to hearing and trial for the same. The specific details of the case points out Arizona as the petitioner while Rodney Joseph Gant is the respondent. It was decided by judge Robert courts at the lower court of Arizona supreme court.
The case has posted some crucial facts concerning the hearing of the case and it will be critical to mention the genesis of the case. On August 25,1999, Arizona state police on their normal duties received a tip over an ongoing drug activity at a residential home. They did attend to it and upon arrival at the home Rodney Gant went through legal procedural identification to the police. As per the interrogation the owner of the house was not available then. In the process police had to check their records and a sudden twist of events took place. Arizona state police, from their records, found out that Gant had a warrant arrest for violating driving rules and regulations. He had a suspended driving license.
The police had to return later for the same tip over they had received earlier and arrested two individuals. In the process Gant arrived at the house driving a vehicle and as well got himself on the wrong path of the law by driving with a suspended license. He was arrested too. The police made a search on his car and they got a gun along with a bag of cocaine in a jacket pocket.
Gant was charged with possession of cocaine at the lower court of t Arizona supreme court. The trial and hearing of the same went on and the respondent made a step to have his case suppresses since the search was illegal or not procedural. He did claim the search collided with Gant’s Fourth Amendment rights which states “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not...

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