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Professional Diploma in Marketing (Level 6)
Unit 3 – Managing Marketing

Project Brief and Mark Scheme
CIM Deadline Date – 11th June 2010 Results Released – August 2010 OR ALTERNATIVELY CIM Deadline Date – 10th September 2010 Results Released – November 2010
The Chartered Institute of Marketing has strict deadline dates which must be adhered to. The assignment must be submitted to the Accredited Study Centre well before these dates to allow time for administration and postage. Contact your tutor for your Accredited Study Centre submission deadline.

Candidates are required to choose ONE out of the following TWO project briefs: Option One – Weighing Up the Past To Improve The Future (detailed separately) Option Two – Driving Quality


• • •

All tasks within the chosen project brief are compulsory 100% of the marks available for this paper Maximum word count – 6,000 words

Documentation Word Count

Candidates must ensure that they are registered with CIM as a studying member and for this assignment, by the required deadline(s). Candidates must adhere to the word count stated. No marks will be allocated for information contained in appendices, unless explicitly stated within the assignment brief. Appendices should be used for supporting information only. CIM reserves the right to return unmarked any assignment that exceeds the stated word count or contains, in the opinion of the examiner, excessive appendices. In submitting their assessment for this unit, and completing the declaration statement in the appendix, candidates are confirming that the work submitted for all tasks is their own and does not contravene the CIM policies including word count, plagiarism and collusion. In addition, the tutor is required to sign the assignment/project candidate listing document, confirming that to the best of their knowledge the work that the...

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