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Is Dependence on Computers a Good Thing Or Should We

Be More Suspicious Of Their Benefits?

Maurice O. Agonda

Kenyatta University

Is Dependence on Computers a Good Thing Or Should We Be More Suspicious Of Their Benefits? Dependence on computers has been brought about by their considerable convenience as well as profound impact, which helps humans in accomplishing today’s tasks more quickly than before. Such tasks fall in business, crime detection, hospitals and other fields where computers have been actively deployed. Indeed, we have become dependent on computers. For instance, there is a sharp contrast in the way students conducted their research and general academic work a century ago, and how it is done today (Shotton, 1989). The former implied consuming most of the time practically looking for information in physical libraries, collecting cumbersome information, only to be later occupied with rigorous filtering exercise. This presented a bureaucratic method of conducting research; inefficiency was paramount, judging by the energy and time spent in executing the same. The above bottlenecks are highly eliminated with the invention of computers, online libraries with infinite database of academic materials keeps today’s research simply a click away (Shotton, 1989). On the other hand, the invention of the internet has opened a new world of possibilities. It has become increasingly easier to access information on global events; finding a job on the internet is as simple as a mouse click; and to crown it all, connecting with others on any part of the globe via social networks is quite remarkable. Additionally, high-end technology has dramatically been employed in various fields which extensively hastens the pace of daily life and improves the quality as well (Shotton, 1989). However, this overdependence on computers in executing virtually every task might pose serious challenges. The role of computers in human life remains unforeseen, and one might possess the notion that they will be required in every form of action. In spite of the aforementioned benefits, dependence on computers presents unimaginable side-effects. For example, we risk losing the natural capabilities for handling myriad tasks without involving computers; a trend which is rather worrying since people get replaced by lifeless machines. At the same time, prolonged use of computers will greatly interfere with people’s health, causing backaches, wrist pain and other physical discomforts.

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Maurice O. Agonda Essay
10 June, 2012

Why Wearing Animal Fur Is Wrong Each year, an infinite number of animals are killed for the textile industry. Regardless of the source of the fur, Australian outback or Indian slaughterhouses, an immense amount of pain goes into each fur-trimmed jacket, wool sweater or leather belt. Fur farm animals spend their whole lives restricted to filthy, cramped wire cages, not to mention the cheapest and cruelest methods used in killing the animals, including electrocution, suffocation, poisoning and gasping. Worse still, sheep are sometimes subjected to a gruesome mutilation procedure whereby huge chunks of skin and flesh are chopped off from lamb’s backsides without application of any painkillers. At the same time, the exotic trade in skins is just horrifying; lizards and snakes are skinned alive due to the notion that live lashing keeps leather supple. On the other hand, nanny goats are boiled alive for the manufacture of gloves, and the hides of unborn lambs and calves-some intentionally aborted, some extracted from slaughtered expectant ewes and cows- are regarded particularly luxurious. It is brutal and wrong on so many aspects. You can virtually fetch the general arguments of illegal skinning of animals and how you would like it if the same animals were considered dominant species and they instead opted to skinning us. I don’t think it can be that fair. Well, you can imagine the reversed role and not forget the fact that animals possess as much rights as humans, and what would we be showing young children, our future generation? It is wrong to mistreat animals for our own interests and undermine the rights of a less dominant species. Of course you wouldn’t like if someone was wearing your fur for luxury. Indeed, these animals can be saved simply by opting for cruelty-free garments, which are readily available in all price tags and at all types of retail terminals, from low-level shoe stores to top-notch boutiques. With the availability of wide range of comfortable, fashionable options, there is no justification for wearing animal fur.

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Benner, Reyes. Animal Rights: Protecting Our Animals from Mistreatment. New York: Touchstone, 2008. Print.

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