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Mr. Mozammel Houque

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Mr. Mozammel Houque

Mr. Mozammel Houque the Managing director of Bangas-Tallu Industry Group was a very poor man. He became Hero-from-Zero. How it is happened it describe in below:

Early life

Mr. Mozammel Houque is the eldest of the five issues of his parents with four sisters. They were very poor. His used to collect dry leaves from the forest with which his mother had to prepare daily food. Many days his family members had to remain unfed and starved, living in a dilapidated house, timely repair of which was not possible to be done for want of required amount of money. From this fact, one can imagine the level of poverty in which MH’s family had to fight to out to live really very hard days they had to cross in those days.


He started his education in a village maqtab. He was quite brilliant student and that was why with stipends, he could continue his studies till the college level. If he did not get scholarship/stipend his student life would have been finished much earlier .MH as the only son of his parents, had to shoulder the burden of the family in the absence of his father. They had limited family properties, besides MH was then a unemployed young man. It was really difficult for the family to manage daily express.

Work life

After coming to Chuadanga, he joined as a distillery agent in the Keru and Co., a private company, at a salary of Tk. 67 per month. His work to mix water with sprite. The job was very easy but as the assignment given was unfair, MH was feeling uncomfortable. As a helper in the wine preparation process, MH was constantly suffering from moral sense that would keep him always in a depressed mood. At the time, for default of payment of land rent popularly known as (Khajna), many land auctions were conducted by munseef courts. In such an opportunity, MH purchased an area of land of 105 bighas with TK. 390 only. The land...

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