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Green Computing Research Project – Part 1
CIS 517 – IT Project Management

Green Computing Research Project

Computer science educators are uniquely positioned to promote greater awareness of Green Computing, using the academic setting to encourage environmentally conscious use of technology. This paper reports on practical techniques that can engage faculty and students, enabling Green Computing to be integrated into the classroom and research laboratory. Analysis and empirical evaluation of each reported technique is given, comparing the efficacy of each in terms of energy, environmental and financial cost savings. These results are provided as technological and economic evidence for the benefits of “Going Green,” and to promote education in Green Computing in the classroom, department and research lab (Shen, W, 2005).
We Are Big, Inc. is an international firm with over 100,000 employees in different countries. The goal of the project is to find environment friendly energy resources to reduce cost and increase energy efficiency. Green Computing Research Project has been authorized on January 24, 2013 as the date of authorization.
Project Name: Green Computing Research Project
Date of Authorization: January 24, 2013
Project Manager: Hatem Numan 1-320-761-8787
Project Start date: January 24, 2013
Project End: July 24, 2013
Project budget: $500,000
Project Objectives:
The objectiveof the project is to preparea detailed report that includesrecommendations on various types to technology and strategies used in Green computing. A detail financial analysis on Green computing implementation.
A brief description of the project’s objectives is as follows: * Data center and overall energy efficiency * The disposal of electronic waste and recycling * Telecommuting * Virtualization of server...

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