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Executive Summary

Introduction/Background of the study
Objective of the study
Scope of the study
Project findings



Executive Summary

As Prahlad and Hat point out, the economies of vastly populated countries such as China, India,and the former Soviet Union present a profusion of consumers and immense growth potential for multinational corporations. The trick is for senior management to fully understand that this market possibility exists and that tapping into it may require a radical departure from the traditional, developed-economy mindset.

As Nike’s financial record indicates, market saturation and intense competition in Tier One economies has squelched Nike’s growth trajectory. While the Swoosh continues to penetrate typical Western markets, tapping into the increasing numbers of “middle and lower class” consumers in emerging markets could offer a phenomenal expansion opportunity if the firm can create the right business model. In addition, beyond the potential economic benefits from this venture, Nike’s World Shoe Project also offers a credible response to the labor issues that have buffeted the company, and leverages their efforts to minimize the environmental impact of their production activities.

Introduction/Background of the study
The words “Just make me the shoe!” echoed down the boardroom table to Tom Hartage a 17 – year veteran of the running shoe company, Nike Inc. Tom Clarke, president of the company in 1998, had attended the meetings, seen the presentations and reviewed the numbers related to the market potential of China a rough gem with a booming population of 1.2 billion. He also knew that in many parts of the world, including China, people couldn’t afford Nike’s current footwear products. Clarke didn’t want to listen to any more speeches.

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