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Review question week 2
1) What is scalability? Base on my understanding scalability is refer as how much growth the business design must support. It’s important that we use scalability as our primary goal for network. Most companies like to add more users, apps, site or any external network connection that is why scalability is a primary goal for the network. The most challenges designers face when designing for scalability is usually expansion.
2) 100-99.80= 0.2%
0.2% * 365= 0.73 days
0.73*24= 17.52% hrs/day
17.52*7= 122.64% = 1 hrs and 22 mins downtime /per day
Hr/week = 8 hrs 58 mins downtime/ per week
Down time for minutes per day will be = 82 minutes
Downtime for second per day will be = 4920 second

3) For this question number 3 I do not have significant answer for it so I just going to try my best to answer it usually the technical problem with this issues is could be packet switching delay. Because the latency accrued when switches and routers forward data. The latency depends on the speed of internal circuitry and CPU, and the switching architecture of the internetworking device. or the problems could accrued from serialization delay. The time to put digital data onto a transmission line, which depends on the data volume and the speed of the line.

4) The two tools that I research on that attacker use are attacking on your password , access attacks or DoS attack.

Access attacks: first they will try to bait people go into get information from their own access and hack their way into it. Then find the way to get on to authentication services, then FTP service
Password attacks: password attack usually refers to repeated attempts to identify a user account, password or both. These repeated attempts are called brute force attacks.

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