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Transition from high school to college When you went to college did you ponder on the thought on how much college was different from high school? The differences are substantial and can be a lot to handle at once. When I first got here I didn’t know what to expect coming straight out of high school. Till this day I still don’t know what to expect but as time goes on you learn to go with it and adapt to you surroundings. When I arrived at Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) I noticed a few differences between my high school and my current university right away. The transition from high school to college was difficult to comprehend, because of the change in friends, not working, eating habits, environment, and my independence. My friends have changed a lot due to the transition from high school to college. I noticed that I have a rather difficile time keeping in contact with my friends back home. The distance between us makes it hard for us to spend time with one another. Also I have friends that attend other universities and the school schedule on top of my own makes it impossible for us to spend and adequate amount of time with each other. The thing I miss the most though would have to be working with my friends, they made it galvanize and worthwhile. I noticed since I have no one to share that same excitement with at any work place, I find myself not striving for employment.
I haven’t had a job since I left high school, because I don’t feel like it’s for me right now while in in (ECSU) . I had a job here off campus but in the beginning I wasn’t getting any hours like I’m use to and the people were terrible. So after the first couple of weeks I just quit my job and just went back to being a full time student. Not shortly after I contacted my parents and told them what happened with the job and my mom...

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