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GS1140: Problem Solving Theory_V5.0
Module 2
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After encountering many problems in the day-to-today cycle, as us humans go through troubles and tribulations we continue fight the battles and forget that there is still a war to be in effect. That being said I have been through many problems and had my way
Of solving situations. The strategies of creative problem solving are a great way to approach problems and great outline to solving problems. One of the complications that
I have faced in the past is when I was going to buy a car. My options were to buy a used car with 3,000 dollars or use a used car a gift from my Grandmother. All in the essence of what is more convenient to my lifestyle. Many things come to mind when choosing a car. First question what type of car am I searching? Secondly how am I going to afford the car after I buy or even get it up and running? Many questions follow but referring to the four strategies I tried to figure out as much as I could by self with anyone’s advice. I figure talking to my parents would give me a right idea and at least lead me to a right way. As if the same structure follows to the strategies following two but continuing with having to ask for as many people that an experience. Sadly enough I have witnessed my brother purchase a vehicle to the breaking point of him going into debt and him having to make many sacrifices just to afford the monthly payments. The suggestion he gave me was that I needed to purchase the vehicle I wanted to direct cash. Spuriously it is the fact that if I wanted to get a better car.
Later down the road and having done what my brother did. I would not have a succeeding credit score I would have to wait till the score even rises. Sadly grandmother rewarded me a brand new vehicle last summer it obvious...

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