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Introduction of Whirlpool Corporation[1]

Whirlpool Corporation is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of home appliances worldwide. The company markets its products primarily to manufacturers, distributors, dealers, retailers and builders. Whirlpool also sells its products to other manufacturers, distributors and retailers, for resell under those manufacturers, and retailers’ respective brand name primarily in North America. The company was founded in 1906 and is based in Benton Harbor, Michigan.

Some of the key competitors of Whirlpool Corporation are as below:

➢ LG Electronics

➢ Samsung Electronics

➢ Haier Electronics Group

➢ Daewoo Electronics Corporation

Mission of Whirlpool Corporation[2]:

The Mission of Whirlpool Corporation is “Everyone...Passionately Creating Loyal Customers for Life”

Some of the key highlights of the Mission of Whirlpool Corporation are summarized below:

➢ Consumers have become very smart these days. One of the most important success factors for the consumer durable companies is to come up with innovative and new products. People always look for products which can make life easier and this sector’s success will depend on how they meet the expectation of the people.

➢ Development of existing product in the market is also very important for this sector. Every time the companies have to come up with advance versions of the existing products.

➢ The company is working towards become the number one supplier of household equipments in the world.

Vision of Whirlpool Corporation[3]:

The vision of Whirlpool Corporation is “Every Home...Everywhere with Pride Passion and Performance”

Some of the key highlights of the vision of Whirlpool Corporation are summarized below:

➢ Number of new products introduced and their percentage revenue as...

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