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Breast Cancer is a Chronic Disease.
Breast cancer is a type of cancer originating from breast tissue, most commonly from the inner lining of milk ducts or the lobules that supply the ducts with milk. Breast cancer occurs in humans and other mammals. While it is most common in women, males can get it also. Male breast cancer is not uncommon and must be taken seriously.
The first sign of breast cancer often is a breast lump. Breast cancer stages range from early, curable breast cancer to metastatic breast cancer, with a variety of breast cancer treatments. Symptoms of breast cancer are A lump in the breast or underarm that persists. These lumps are normally painless. Lumps are visible on a mammogram long before they can be seen or felt. Other symptoms are swelling in the armpit, any change in the sixe,contour,texture,or temperature of the breast. Discharge from the nipple that may be clear. Bloody, or another color. An area that is distinctly different from any other area on either breast.
There’s a a lot of testing that goes along with taking care of your breast. The different types of breast cancer tests are; mammogram, breast MRI, and a biopsy. By making the healthiest choices possible, you can make sure your breast cancer risk is as low as possible. Your sex, age and your genetics can’t be changed, but not smoking and exercising and eating nutritious food can be changes or modified. Knowing the limiting how much alcohol you drink or exercising regularly can decrease your breast cancer risk is important. Studies of breastfeeding suggest that is may slightly lower breast cancer risk.
Risk factors you cannot change are
Gender, Simply being a women is the main risk factor for developing breast cancer. Men can develop breast cancer, but this disease is about 100 times more common among women than men.
Age: the risk of developing breast cancer increases as you...

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