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Serial No 1. Task1 Introduction 2. Marketing: Definition

Marketing: Definitions

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DATED: 08/10/2013
The ideals of a detailed marketing plan demand a critical approach. The marketing processes, the market environment variables are essentially relevant to the overall ideals of a campaign. In this study it will be important to ascertain certain definitions which are fundamental to the study. According toAMA (1985) marketing involves the ideals of planning and execution of the concept, pricing strategies, promotional tactics, and the distribution of ideas, commodities and services and the creation of exchange and the satisfaction of objectives. Pettinger(2002) states that the ideals of marketing encompasses the offering of goods and services to the buyer at a price to achieve profit.CIM(2001) insists that marketing is managerial in nature and it involves the activities of identification, anticipation, and the satisfaction of customer needs with the intension of making profit,

Kotler, Amstrong, Saunders and Wong (1999) explain that the market process involves activities of critical analysis of the market. This involves the system of analyses regarding the market. Lancaster (1998) suggests that the marketing process consist of the
Strategic market analysis

This encompasses a managerial activity where the organisation focuses on utising opportunities that are opened to them with the intension of creating a long-term competitive advantage. This process inculcates formulation, evaluation, and the selection of strategies that are market oriented and meets the standards of the organisation.
Marketing mix planning
Kotler (2006) emphasises that the marketing mix...

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