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Why does Mary Rowlandson reveal a conflicted sensibility toward native Americans and to what extent is that conflict rooted in puritans values? Mary Rowlandson’s reading about her captivity by Native Americans reveals her brutal experience of slavery put in relation to God and the Bible. She sees her capture as a proof from God that she must endure with faith; only in doing so would she survive and remain a true Christian woman suitable for Puritan society. She has to resist to hunger and violence and cold and frustration just because of God and in order to join salvation through pain and redemption from all of her sins; because God is the only One who can save Christians’ believers or punish them through endless pain. There are a lot of continual references depict the good of God allowing for her capture; “it was easy for me to see how righteous it was with God to cut off the thread of my life and cast me out of His presence forever. Yet the Lord still showed mercy to me”. Rowlandson as puritan woman never could cast in doubt the benevolence of God, so everything happened to her, it was a Divine’s drawing and she had to overcome all the difficulties as well as she could. Even when the Americans were close behind the Natives whom she was with, the Americans not crossing the river to follow them was viewed by Rowlandson as intentional and good by God‘s will: “God did not give them courage or activity to go over after us. We were not ready for so great a mercy as victory and deliverance”. She also wrote about the Sabbath Day: “when the Sabbath came they bade me go to work. I told them it was the Sabbath day, and desired them to let me rest, and told them I would do as much more tomorrow; to which they answered me they would break my face. And here I cannot but take notice of the strange providence of God in preserving the heathen”. She describes Native Americans as wild people with no care of others, as sinner, as non-believers.

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