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In Microsoft Windows, what is Administrative Tools?
Set specific functions for computer, to see what services
To manage and configure the system

What is the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) and how does it relate to Computer Management?
Central place to manage

How would you access Windows Task Manager and what could you learn there?
Right click taskbar

What part of the Windows user interface can show you the programs that are currently active?
Task manager

Which part of the Windows user interface contains a group of configuration utilities?
Control panel

If you're not sure what parameters that you should employ with a command from the Windows command line, how could you get help?
Use “help” or [command]/?

If you wanted to adjust the programs that run during system startup, what utility would you employ?

What command line utility would you employ if you wanted to locate or fix disk errors? chkdsk /f and/or chkdsk /r

If you were at the command line and you wanted to see what was in the directory, what command would you use?

What command would you employ to see your network configuration? ipconfig If you wanted to see if the Google DNS servers were up, what command would you employ? ping

If you suspected that some of your windows systems files may have been modified by malware, what command could you run to confirm this? sfc /scannow

With what utility can discover the IP address of a computer if you already know its FQDN (name)?
What command can copy files and directories? xcopy In the Windows Seven Control Panel, where would you find the event viewer?
In administrative tools

What administrative tool is a central console for many different utilities? computer management

What utility can you use to manage background processes?
Under services in
Control panel/administrative tools/services

What utility provides long-term system statistics?
Under performance monitor
Control panel/ administrative tools/performance

In Device Manager, what does a yellow exclamation mark signify?
Problem with a device driver

In Device Manager, what icon identifies a disabled device?
An arrow pointing down in xp it’s a red “x”

What utility provides long-term system statistics?

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