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Oncology Care Program
Sunshine hospital is a 762-bed teaching hospital located in Iowa City, Iowa. Iowa City is located in North Eastern Iowa with a population of approx. 68,000. Our hospital currently employs 7100 people. Of this 7100 we are fortunate to have 700 multidisciplinary physicians and 738 residents. Our hospital is proud of its renowned Cardiology and Oncology departments and programs. Sunshine Hospital is proud of our achievements in Cancer research programs. The oncology program is of high quality with state of the art equipment. The Center opened in early 2009 with high energy VMAT capable linacs and a high resolution imaging, a state of the art CT scanner and two linear accelerators that would detect the most common cancers found in the region such as breast, lung, bowel and prostate cancer and other types of uncommon cancers.
Accreditation is a voluntary process through which a health care organization is able to measure the quality of its services and performance against nationally recognized Standards. Sunshine Hospital participates in this program so we can provide top care for our patients and a safe working environment for those who are a part of our staff. The Joint Commission standards provide meaningful metrics to improve the quality and patient safety in all clinical and managerial functions of acute care hospitals, as well as embrace continuous performance improvement.
The Oncology Care Committee
Our Oncology care team is chaired by our chief oncologist and is staffed by 20 members of a multidisciplinary team. Being part of a multidisciplinary team has been an award winning experience.
Multidisciplinary Team
Chair-chief Oncologist- DR. Adams
Anesthesiologist- Dr. Brown
Diagnostic Radiologist- Dr. Craig
American Cancer Society- Barbara Rush
Gynecology- Dr. Sedgley
Executive director medical services- Dr....

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