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Mt 435 Operations Management Unit 6

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Human Resource Management and Project Management Throughout this paper I will be discussing Human Resource Management principles compared to Operations Management principles, Project Management principles compared to Operations Management principles, and the importance of professional service organizations in standardizing a profession. Human resources management evolved from the task-oriented nature of personnel administration in the 1980s and 1990s to a strategy-focused extension of the organization in the 2000s (About SHRM, n.d.). HR management is driven by several business principles, particularly the "Ten C" collection of HR management principles developed by HR management expert Alan Price, author of "Human Resource Management in a Business Context." Price's 10 principles are "comprehensiveness, credibility, communication, cost effectiveness, creativity, coherence, competence, control, change and commitment (About SHRM, n.d.)." Based on these principles, they seem to tie directly in to the same principles as Operations Management. In Operations Management you have to have credibility to be effective in your role, communication is a must to make the business run smoothly and properly, you would need to be cost effective so that your business is being profitable, many times you need to be creative in completing tasks to get to your final objective, you need to be competent in what you do, have control over all complications that may arise, be open to change, and be committed to the business that you are working for (Russell, 2013). In the businesses that I have worked for in the past, the Human Resource Managers partner with the Operations Managers frequently to compare their budgets to make sure that the business is falling in line with them and being profitable or in the “green”. They tend to cross many paths between budgets, training and development,...

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