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Case Brief Analysis: Crossing Borders: MTC’s Journey Through Africa I. Identify the key strengths and weaknesses of MTC. Strengths: strong base of investment capital, leadership team, singular or “one network” competitive strategy, position (in top 3) within the Sub-saharan market, exceptional process to hit pre-paid market base
Weaknesses: saturation of home market/limited sector growth, limited knowledge/access to knowledge by leadership team of the African sub-saharan market, foreign ownership bars competition in African market sector. II. Examining the markets across which MTC operates, what are the similarities and differences of consequence that you see in their country portfolio? Are there meaningful groupings that make sense? How would such grouping help MTC think of its strategy? Country Portfolio Similarities & Differences | Groupings | Strategy | African countries = Using Celtel brandME(Middle East) countries = MTC | ME and Africa (Nigeria, Kenya, etc.) | Regional Needs translate to “one market” strategy- mobile African pop. | ME Countries = saturatedAfrican Countries = growth potential | Muslim and non-Muslim | Dual or Multi-SIM phones for ME markets | | | Target needs of Muslim brotherhood |

This categorization and grouping style would help MTC think of their strategy in a tabular format, and layout. Additionally, segmented demographic approach to ME and African sub-groups would help it adapt to further segment their market sectors. III. What are some specific ways in which MTC could create value through a pan-regional strategy? Are these strategic approaches sustainable and value creating? * MTC’s “One Network” strategy may be easier to maintain, sustain its market base. * Gives freedom to the very mobile African culture to travel across the region without worrying about roaming charges. * Allows Muslims to travel to Mecca from across the Middle East and some parts of Africa without worrying about mobile coverage/additional roaming charges. * Additional market opportunity could be smartphone/mobile payment services across its network that could fill in voids in the region such as payment intermediaries IV. What specific advice would you offer Dr. Saad as he reflects on strategic options in Nigeria? What about Saudi Arabia? Strategic Options for MTC in Nigeria: * Enhance method of loading pre-paid phones and extend to allow for mobile payments (with added transaction fees for higher tier customers – who can afford them) * Market Approach: There are 800 mn in Africa; 28 mn people in Saudi Arabia. To these two markets, would recommend a market-overbid strategy in order to drive up prices for MTC’s competitors. Expected results = loss of revenue in Saudi and the adjacent ME sectors. * Rebranding Celtel : Celtel brand is very well received in all of Africa changing it all of a sudden could hurt the MTC brand / perception of the brand and company’s consistency

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